Top 5 Studio Ghibli Films

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#Studio Ghibli #Miyazaki
Another top 5 animation mini review episode, this time on the works of  studio  Ghibli (the Japanese animation  studio  possibly best known for ‘Spirited Away’) in order of appearance:
00.36 – The Wind Rises
1.40 – Howl’s Moving Castle
2.46- Grave of the Fireflies
4.19- Porco Rosso
5.53- Princess Mononoke


Kiesha Fraser DIY says:

We absolutely LOVE anime! I haven't seen most of these though. 🤔 I'd love to see you do a review on the animated Avatar series or the Legends of Kora🤔😁💙

Nathan Chojnacki says:

man you broke these down really well, im glad you got Howls in there, the artwork is that is better than any animated feature I've ever seen. And I agree with you ending on Mononoke, it really is kind of the perfect combination of the good things about the other films on this list. You were spot on with your analysis of Ashitaka too. It always kind of bothered me that he was like the 'acting' main character of this film when it's really about Princess Mononoke. His tolerable blandness offsets that a little bit. Subbed all day man good work

Nerdynomicon says:

In my personal opinion, tomb of the fireflies is number 2 only because princess monanoke exists. Outstanding video bro.

The Mackem Nerd says:

These sound cool and interesting. My girlfriend watches stuff like this so this right up her street

Player Parker says:

Great video! my top 5 would be
1- spirited away
2 – princess mononoke
3 – whisper of the heart (ending was cringe though lol)
4 – howls moving castle
5 – Kiki’s delivery service

Ganna says:

Love studio Ghibli movies! Totoro is one of my favs! Great video! 🙂

Maria Florencia says:

You have a nice voice!

Sadie says:

If I am being honest I have never heard of these films lol It was very interesting def something I will check out

Tindanime says:

Princess Mononoke is one of my favorite anime of all time, this is how got into anime for real

Colorado Martini says:

Anyone in a Harlequin T is alright in my book. You really do an amazing job on your videos. We hope you have a wonderful and joyful holiday my friend. Thank you so much for coming by our channel and watching our videos. It means so much to us that you take the time to help our channel. oxoxox CM

The Overclock says:

this is an amazing review bro…!!! lol… also you have a great seance of humor lol

VagabondUrbex says:

I like this video a lot

Sabrina Katharina says:

great video omg!

Handy Dandy says:

Princess Mononoke is pretty deep in meaning, in my opinion. It is definitely discussing the topic about how human beings appear to be disgusting in regards to nature. Highly recommended! Also, Howl's Moving Castle is awesome!

Fiona & Scott's Adventures says:

I don't know how I missed this video when it first came up! Please accept my humblest of apologies. I will also confess that I don't watch Anime but these looked really good and your comments make me chuckle, in a manly way, not like a little girls chuckle.

Would you hate me if I told you that I was in Japan a few weeks ago and passed up an opportunity to visit the Ghibli studios? Of course you would, I hate me too.

AchelTheGreat says:

I just need to save all of your videos, and then when I need something to watch, pick something because I haven't seen any of these except Spirited away and Princess Mononoke.

DocDoesGaming says:

I really like No Face (カオナシ ), I can relate because I also like to eat a lot

Draw With Evellial says:

Castle in the sky is my fav!!!! I grew up watching that. 💖

DjDampzRuffFusion4 says:

I've never got into any Ghibli films to be honest, but I enjoyed listening to your thoughts on it..

Babybat Kat says:

Howls moving castle is one of my fav movies to watch for sure. I really wanna see Princess Monoke i havent yet.

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