VS Code Top-Ten Pro Tips

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Learn how to use Visual Studio Code like a pro with my top-ten strategies for developer productivity  and  happiness. https://angularfirebase.com/lessons/top-10-vscode-pro-tips/

– Get VS Code https://code.visualstudio.com/


Lárus Oni says:

Who is this J-san?!

Alex says:

Guys, do you know why the tabulation change size (ex: 4 –> 8) while writing ? And how to fix it ?
This is a real bummer.

Nkansah Rexford says:

Video is smooooooth


mycroft16 says:

VS Code is possibly the single most important thing Microsoft has ever created. Upended my world when I discovered it.

Thuan Dao says:

what is your theme name? so preaty, i want to down it

Matty L says:

i was clicking on this hoping it would be code tips for VS and not tips for VS Code -.-

Zishan Ansari says:

Which theme you using in Video?

Tiago Melo says:

Awesome! Many plugins that I didn't know before!

kaonashi says:

I cant open ctrl + k

Daniel Nieto says:

Awesome video!!!

Michael Woodruff says:

I wish I was a java script

KlaudiusL says:

What Linux distro is that?. Love de interfase

J Sully says:

Don't know if I've ever seen a video aimed at devs/development with as good of animations and graphics as this one. Wowza. Great content as well 😛

Artie Fischel says:

How much of this is the Javascript/Typescript extension you're using and how much is core VS Code? There is a world outside of Javascript, you know.

Daniel Clavijo says:

guy uses KDE

Callum van Heerden says:

I really appreciate that this is in 4k. Thank you.

Abhinandan Khilari says:

What are the names of the editor and file icon themes shown? Looks cool. Also, can you share your VS code preferences?

oshadhi vindhyani says:

And Now it need internet connection ???

Alan Draper says:

I think an extension is needed to run "npm:" commands from the command pallet. The extension I found was called "npm" that looks like it does what you showed. Great video, thanks!

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